Collections of MATLAB Toolbox 2015

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  • AIRES – automatic integration of reusable embedded software
  • Air-Sea – air-sea flux estimates in oceanography
  • Animation – developing scientific animations
  • ARfit – estimation of parameters and eigenmodes of multivariate autoregressive methods
  • ARMASA – power spectrum estimation
  • AR-Toolkit – computer vision tracking
  • Auditory – auditory models
  • b4m – interval arithmetic
  • Bayes Net – inference and learning for directed graphical models
  • Bode Step – design of control systems with maximized feedback
  • Bootstrap – for resampling, hypothesis testing and confidence interval estimation
  • BrainStorm – MEG and EEG data visualization and processing
  • BSTEX – equation viewer
  • CALFEM – interactive program for teaching the finite element method
  • Calibr – for calibrating CCD cameras
  • Camera Calibration
  • Captain – non-stationary time series analysis and forecasting
  • CHMMBOX – for coupled hidden Markov modeling using maximum likelihood EM
  • Cluster – for analysis of Gaussian mixture models for data set clustering
  • Clustering – cluster analysis
  • COLEA – speech analysis
  • CompEcon – solving problems in economics and finance
  • Complex – for estimating temporal and spatial signal complexities
  • Computational Statistics
  • Coral – seismic waveform analysis
  • DACE – kriging approximations to computer models
  • DAIHM – data assimilation in hydrological and hydrodynamic models
  • Data Visualization
  • DBT – radar array processing
  • DDE-BIFTOOL – bifurcation analysis of delay differential equations
  • Denoise – for removing noise from signals
  • DiffMan – solving differential equations on manifolds
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • DIPimage – scientific image processing
  • Direct – Laplace transform inversion via the direct integration method
  • DMsuite – differentiation matrix suite
  • DMTTEQ – design and test time domain equalizer design methods
  • DrawFilt – drawing digital and analog filters
  • DWT – discrete wavelet transforms
  • EasyKrig
  • Econometrics
  • EigTool – graphical tool for nonsymmetric eigenproblems
  • EMSC – separating light scattering and absorbance by extended multiplicative signal correction
  • Engineering Vibration
  • FastICA – fixed-point algorithm for ICA and projection pursuit
  • FDC – flight dynamics and control
  • FDtools – fractional delay filter design
  • FlexICA – for independent components analysis
  • FMBPC – fuzzy model-based predictive control
  • ForWaRD – Fourier-wavelet regularized deconvolution
  • FracLab – fractal analysis for signal processing
  • FSBOX – stepwise forward and backward selection of features using linear regression
  • GABLE – geometric algebra tutorial
  • Garch – estimating and diagnosing heteroskedasticity in time series models
  • GCE Data – managing, analyzing and displaying data and metadata stored using the GCE data structure specification
  • GCSV – growing cell structure visualization
  • GEMANOVA – fitting multilinear ANOVA models
  • Genetic Algorithm
  • Geodetic – geodetic calculations
  • glmlab – general linear models
  • GTM – generative topographic mapping, a model for density modeling and data visualization
  • GVF – gradient vector flow for finding 3-D object boundaries
  • Hilbert – Hilbert transform by the rational eigenfunction expansion method
  • HMM – hidden Markov models
  • HMMBOX – for hidden Markov modeling using maximum likelihood EM
  • HUTear – auditory modeling
  • ICALAB – signal and image processing using ICA and higher order statistics
  • Imputation – analysis of incomplete datasets
  • IPEM – perception based musical analysis
  • JMatLink – Matlab Java classes
  • Kalman – Bayesian Kalman filter
  • Kalman Filter – filtering, smoothing and parameter estimation (using EM) for linear dynamical systems
  • KALMTOOL – state estimation of nonlinear systems
  • Kautz – Kautz filter design
  • Kriging
  • LDestimate – estimation of scaling exponents
  • LDPC – low density parity check codes
  • LISQ – wavelet lifting scheme on quincunx grids
  • LKER – Laguerre kernel estimation tool
  • LMAM-OLMAM – Levenberg Marquardt with Adaptive Momentum algorithm for training feedforward neural networks
  • Low-Field NMR – for exponential fitting, phase correction of quadrature data and slicing
  • LPSVM – Newton method for LP support vector machine for machine learning problems
  • LSDPTOOL – robust control system design using the loop shaping design procedure
  • LS-SVMlab
  • LSVM – Lagrangian support vector machine for machine learning problems
  • Lyngby – functional neuroimaging
  • MARBOX – for multivariate autogressive modeling and cross-spectral estimation
  • MatArray – analysis of microarray data
  • Matrix Computation – constructing test matrices, computing matrix factorizations, visualizing matrices, and direct search optimization
  • MCAT – Monte Carlo analysis
  • MDP – Markov decision processes
  • MESHPART – graph and mesh partioning methods
  • MILES – maximum likelihood fitting using ordinary least squares algorithms
  • MIMO – multidimensional code synthesis
  • Missing – functions for handling missing data values
  • M_Map – geographic mapping tools
  • MODCONS – multi-objective control system design
  • MOEA – multi-objective evolutionary algorithms
  • MS – estimation of multiscaling exponents
  • Multiblock – analysis and regression on several data blocks simultaneously
  • Multiscale Shape Analysis
  • Music Analysis – feature extraction from raw audio signals for content-based music retri
  • MWM – multifractal wavelet model
  • NetCDF
  • Netlab – neural network algorithms
  • NiDAQ – data acquisition using the NiDAQ library
  • NEDM – nonlinear economic dynamic models
  • NMM – numerical methods in Matlab text
  • NNCTRL – design and simulation of control systems based on neural networks
  • NNSYSID – neural net based identification of nonlinear dynamic systems
  • NSVM – newton support vector machine for solving machine learning problems
  • NURBS – non-uniform rational B-splines
  • N-way – analysis of multiway data with multilinear models
  • OpenFEM – finite element development
  • PCNN – pulse coupled neural networks
  • Peruna – signal processing and analysis
  • PhiVis – probabilistic hierarchical interactive visualization, i.e. functions for visual analysis of multivariate continuous data
  • Planar Manipulator – simulation of n-DOF planar manipulators
  • PRTools – pattern recognition
  • psignifit – testing hyptheses about psychometric functions
  • PSVM – proximal support vector machine for solving machine learning problems
  • Psychophysics – vision research
  • PyrTools – multi-scale image processing
  • RBF – radial basis function neural networks
  • RBN – simulation of synchronous and asynchronous random boolean networks
  • ReBEL – sigma-point Kalman filters
  • Regression – basic multivariate data analysis and regression
  • Regularization Tools
  • Regularization Tools XP
  • Restore Tools
  • Robot – robotics functions, e.g. kinematics, dynamics and trajectory generation
  • Robust Calibration – robust calibration in stats
  • RRMT – rainfall-runoff modelling
  • SAM – structure and motion
  • Schwarz-Christoffel – computation of conformal maps to polygonally bounded regions
  • SDH – smoothed data histogram
  • SeaGrid – orthogonal grid maker
  • SEA-MAT – oceanographic analysis
  • SLS – sparse least squares
  • SolvOpt – solver for local optimization problems
  • SOM – self-organizing map
  • SOSTOOLS – solving sums of squares (SOS) optimization problems
  • Spatial and Geometric Analysis
  • Spatial Regression
  • Spatial Statistics
  • Spectral Methods
  • SPM – statistical parametric mapping
  • SSVM – smooth support vector machine for solving machine learning problems
  • STATBAG – for linear regression, feature selection, generation of data, and significance testing
  • StatBox – statistical routines
  • Statistical Pattern Recognition – pattern recognition methods
  • Stixbox – statistics
  • SVM – implements support vector machines
  • SVM Classifier
  • Symbolic Robot Dynamics
  • TEMPLAR – wavelet-based template learning and pattern classification
  • TextClust – model-based document clustering
  • TextureSynth – analyzing and synthesizing visual textures
  • TfMin – continous 3-D minimum time orbit transfer around Earth
  • Time-Frequency – analyzing non-stationary signals using time-frequency distributions
  • Tree-Ring – tasks in tree-ring analysis
  • TSA – uni- and multivariate, stationary and non-stationary time series analysis
  • TSTOOL – nonlinear time series analysis
  • T_Tide – harmonic analysis of tides
  • UTVtools – computing and modifying rank-revealing URV and UTV decompositions
  • Uvi_Wave – wavelet analysis
  • varimax – orthogonal rotation of EOFs
  • VBHMM – variation Bayesian hidden Markov models
  • VBMFA – variational Bayesian mixtures of factor analyzers
  • VMT – VRML Molecule Toolbox, for animating results from molecular dynamics experiments
  • VRMLplot – generates interactive VRML 2.0 graphs and animations
  • VSVtools – computing and modifying symmetric rank-revealing decompositions
  • WAFO – wave analysis for fatique and oceanography
  • WarpTB – frequency-warped signal processing
  • WAVEKIT – wavelet analysis
  • WaveLab – wavelet analysis
  • Weeks – Laplace transform inversion via the Weeks method
  • WetCDF – NetCDF interface
  • WHMT – wavelet-domain hidden Markov tree models
  • WInHD – Wavelet-based inverse halftoning via deconvolution
  • WSCT – weighted sequences clustering toolkit
  • XMLTree – XML parser
  • YAADA – analyze single particle mass spectrum data
  • ZMAP – quantitative seismicity analysis

ZSM (zero sum multinomial)

Binaural-modeling software for MATLAB/Windows

Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM)


The DSS package for MATLAB
DSS Matlab package contains algorithms for performing linear, deflation and symmetric DSS.


Multisurface Method Tree with MATLAB

A Matlab Toolbox for every single topic !
eg. BrainStorm – MEG and EEG data visualization and processing

CLAWPACK is a software package designed to compute numerical solutions to hyperbolic partial differential equations using a wave propagation approach

DIPimage – Image Processing Toolbox

PRTools – Pattern Recognition Toolbox (+ Neural Networks)

NetLab – Neural Network Toolbox

FSTB – Fuzzy Systems Toolbox

Fusetool – Image Fusion Toolbox

WAVEKIT – Wavelet Toolbox

Gat – Genetic Algorithm Toolbox

TSTOOL is a MATLAB software package for nonlinear time series analysis.
TSTOOL can be used for computing: Time-delay reconstruction, Lyapunov exponents, Fractal dimensions, Mutual information, Surrogate data tests, Nearest neighbor statistics, Return times, Poincare sections, Nonlinear prediction

MATLAB / Data description toolbox
A Matlab toolbox for data description, outlier and novelty detection
March 26, 2004 – D.M.J. Tax


Betabolic network toolbox for Matlab

Pharmacokinetics toolbox for Matlab

The Spider
The spider is intended to be a complete object orientated environment for machine learning in Matlab. Aside from easy use of base learning algorithms, algorithms can be plugged together and can be compared with, e.g model selection, statistical tests and visual plots. This gives all the power of objects (reusability, plug together, share code) but also all the power of Matlab for machine learning research.

Schwarz-Christoffel Toolbox

XML Toolbox

Beta version of a toolbox for FIR (Finite Impulse Response) and TD (Time Delay) Neural Networks.



Saturn and Titan trajectories … MALTAB astronomy


MA Toolbox for Matlab Implementing Similarity Measures for Audio

MAD – Matlab Auditory Demonstrations

Music Analysis – Toolbox for Matlab : Feature Extraction from Raw Audio Signals for Content-Based Music Retri

WarpTB – Matlab Toolbox for Warped DSP
By Aki Härmä and Matti Karjalainen

MATLAB-related Software

Biomedical Signal data formats (EEG machine specific file formats with Matlab import routines)

MPEG Encoding library for MATLAB Movies (Created by David Foti)
It enables MATLAB users to read (MPGREAD) or write (MPGWRITE) MPEG movies. That should help Video Quality project.

Filter Design package

Octave by Christophe COUVREUR (Generates normalized A-weigthing, C-weighting, octave and one-third-octave digital filters)

Source Coding MATLAB Toolbox

Bio Medical Informatics (Top)

CGH-Plotter: MATLAB Toolbox for CGH-data Analysis

The Brain Imaging Software Toolbox

MRI Brain Segmentation

Chemometrics (providing PCA) (Top)

Matlab Molecular Biology & Evolution Toolbox
(Toolbox Enables Evolutionary Biologists to Analyze and View DNA and Protein Sequences)
James J. Cai

Toolbox provided by Prof. Massart research group

Useful collection of routines from Prof age smilde research group

Multivariate Toolbox written by Rune Mathisen

Matlab code and datasets

Chaos (Top)

Chaotic Systems Toolbox

HOSA Toolbox

Chemistry (Top)

MetMAP – (Metabolical Modeling, Analysis and oPtimization alias Met. M. A. P.)

DoseLab – A set of software programs for quantitative comparison of measured and computed radiation dose distributions

GenBank Overview


Code for the estimation of Scaling Exponents

Control (Top)

Control Tutorial for Matlab


Communications (Top)

Channel Learning Architecture toolbox
(This Matlab toolbox is a supplement to the article “HiperLearn: A High Performance Learning Architecture”)

Source Coding MATLAB Toolbox

TCP/UDP/IP Toolbox 2.0.4

Home Networking Basis: Transmission Environments and Wired/Wireless Protocols
Walter Y. Chen

MATLAB M-files and Simulink models




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